The Historic Art Deco Porges Sautoir Necklace by Cartier


The Historic Art Deco Porges sautoir Necklace by Cartier: a incredible necklace (convertible into a bracelet) with a epic provenance. The center DOUBLE rose cut weighs 8.39 carats. One of the most unique diamonds in a historic jewel we have ever encountered. Most diamonds of this cut have been cut down the middle to make a matching pair of diamonds. This diamond is notable not only for the size, but the fact that it was never recut!

There are 30 cts of diamonds approximately on the necklace (without including the rose cut)


Published in "The History of Jewelry: Joseph Saidian and Sons" by Rizzoli pages 154-159


Jules Porges (1839-1921), one of the first diamond dealers to have mines in Kimberly before selling his shares to De Beers. He gave this jewel afterwards to his daughter Elly Porgés (1878-1946) who became Marquise de la Ferté Meung after her marriage the Marquis in 1898. Jules Porges (1839-1921), descended from a prominent Austro-Hungarian family, was born in Vienna and was raised in Prague where his father was a master jeweler. By the 1860s he had settled in Paris where he quickly established himself as a leading force in the diamond trade and founded Jules Porges & Company. By the time diamonds were discovered in South Africa, he had amassed a tremendous fortune and was considered the leading diamond merchant in the world. In 1876, Porges himself arrived in Kimberley, playing the unusual role as both consumer and producer of diamonds.