The Saidian name is synonymous with beauty, rarity and quality. Since 1850, they have been a trusted source for legendary estate jewelry and objects d’art. Internationally renowned for their superlative expertise and sophisticated taste, the Saidians have been the custodians of iconic jewels such as the Ahmad Shah fancy yellow diamond and the Westminster Tiara. As fourth generation jewelers, Joseph Saidian and sons is carrying on the family tradition of buying and advising, providing exquisite period jewelry and objects d’art to an international community of jewelry collectors and connoisseurs. Coveted from one generation to the next, Joseph Saidian and Sons' pieces are timeless, dazzling, and alluring. The wide-ranging collection of museum quality pieces, signed estate jewelry and contemporary works are rich in history, but modern in style and are to be worn and admired.



Joseph and Ariel Saidian's worldwide treasure hunt and adventures dealing with an elaborate network of auction houses, private collectors, royalty, international dealers, and museums are shared with the world on the Instagram @JosephSaidianandSonsJewelry



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