The Rothschild Gold and Enamel Key to the City of Mallorca

The Rothschild Gold and Enamel Key to the City of Mallorca 

This key comes with a fascinating history. During the surrender to Charles V (King of Spain), the Santa Hermandad attempted to use this key and another to earn forgiveness and demonstrate loyalty to the king. However, Charles V refused their gesture and instead bestowed the key upon Lieutenant Miguel de Gurrea. 

The other key is of Gothic style and is 18.5 centimeters long; and this one is of Renaissance style and is five centimeters longer.  

Alphonse James de Rothschild acquired this piece at the young age of 22, marking the start of his illustrious journey as a collector. After his death, the key found its way into the collection of Baroness Batsheva Rothschild. It has since been exhibited in Jerusalem and was exhibited for the public in Palma, Majorca.

It features Latin inscriptions, roughly translating to "'Behold the keys of your Kingdom of the Majorcas which we, the magistrates and the fathers of the State, together with the fathers of the same Kingdom, present out of sincere faithfulness to your Majesty" 

The key is adorned with foliage throughout the length with multicolor enamel. 
The enamel work on the key also features the Royal Arms of Spain and Aragon Quartering Castile.  

Approximate Length: 9" 
Metal Type: 18 karat gold