Historic Enamel and Diamond Gold Cigarette Box by Paul Flato

Circa 1942 this box designed by Paul Flato was custom made for Vogue's Editor Edna Woolman Chase's daughter Ilka.  Made of 14k yellow gold, enamel, diamonds & platinum. The box's design was replicated from the cover of Ilka's first memoir with an engraved caricature of Ilka, the title "Past Imperfect". The inside cover engraving reads, "To my daughter Ilka with unfailing love Edna Woolman Chase April 8th 1942"

Measurements: Length: 4.75",   Width: 3"  depth: .60"

Judith Price. Masterpieces of American Jewelry. Philadelphia-London: Running Press, 2004, page. 73.

New York, 2004-05: Masterpieces of American Jewelry, American Folk Art Museum, New York, August 20, 2004 – January 23, 2005

Gram Weight: 249 grams

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